Common Sense for a New Generation

Lied To, Sold Out, and Fed Up

The message grows clearer every day, the American people have had enough, government must no longer be allowed to grow at their expense!

A new generation stands poised to take the wheel of Liberty and restore sane government in America and around the world.

All around the world the voice of protest is getting louder with each passing day, whether it's student protests over austerity measures in Greece, Italy, and the United Kingdom or the Occupy Wall Street movement here in America, the people, and especially the youth have made it clear they have had enough. Why are we angry? Because many of us are realizing that we were sold out before we were ever born in the name of globalized greed. While our parents wished for a revolution in their time, they did not have the right tools at hand to spread the truth amongst their peers. Through the power of the Internet and the social connectivity it brings, our generation has the power to spread truth like no generation before us. The information age has led us to a new intellectual revolution that is building beneath the glossy veneer of politics that we normally see in the mainstream media.

I can tell you that 4 out of 5 College Graduates today have to move home after college because they can't find meaningful work. I can tell you that 59% of Americans now receive some sort of assistance from Uncle Sam! I can even tell you that the richest 1% of Americans have a higher net worth than the bottom 90% combined! But if we stop at the mere numbers, we miss the point. The point is that an entire generation of Americans and others throughout the world have been sold out in the name of corporate greed. The point is that our current system is unsustainable and we must find a way out. The point is that there is a real human toll associated with each of these numbers and the burden is being carried by an ever increasing portion of the population.

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It's easy to tell who is being hurt by the “Great Recession,” or “Great Depression 2.0” (as some insist) – it's the neighbor out of work, the family next door being foreclosed upon, the small business owner who had to close his doors due to a lack of customers, the ghost mall across town. No matter where you look, times are extremely tough. The middle class is literally being drowned in a sea of debt, while a tiny fraction of the population is laughing all the way to the bank with our real wealth. Where once there was prosperity, there is now despair and a rising tide of problems that threaten to sweep us all up in their wake. How did we get here? Is it external forces or internal leadership that has driven us astray? Did we get sold out or did we just lose our way? There are many popular opinions about these topics, but few honest answers when it comes to modern politics and our faltering economy. It's time for a heavy dose of truth about these issues and many others that we have long taken for granted.

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In Generation Z You Will Learn:
  • Why the Occupy Wall Street Movement is gaining ground and why the protestors have taken to the streets.
  • How today's youth is footing the final bill for 100 years of American Empire.
  • Why our Entitlement systems are reaching a breaking point and why they will be impossible to continue in the very near future.
  • Why we are witnessing a Global Economic Meltdown. And why it will get worse, especially in America.
  • Why hyperinflation of the dollar is a forgone conclusion at this point and how to protect yourself from its devastating effects.
  • Who really benefits from the Business of War and practical ways to put them out of business for good.
  • How a True Intellectual Revolution is building and changing peoples minds the world over.
  • Who the leaders of the Second American Revolution are and where they spread their message of freedom today.
  • The Principles necessary to take this country back and once again defend Liberty for yourself and your fellow Americans in the tough years ahead.

Some of the facts in Generation Z are as unbelievable as they are appalling, and though I may wish that they weren't true, they are still the facts. While it may scare you at certain points, that is not my primary intention, my intention is only to inform you in order to provide you an opportunity to choose between polar opposites. And I don't mean a choice between Democrat and Republican or some other trivial distinction, but a choice between opening your life up with Love or shutting yourself in with Fear. I'm merely offering you a chance to change how you see the world and even how you see yourself. A little bit of truth goes a long way in this regard. And while many believe that challenging long held myths and assumptions is utterly impossible, I sleep better at night knowing that ultimately we can't change the truth, but the truth can always change us.

Regards,Morgan D. Kennedy M.B.A.

P.S. Don't miss out on this one of a kind offer to rediscover Liberty and protect yourself and your family in these tough times. Forewarned is always Forearmed. Don't let Hyperinflation and the collapse of the Dollar catch you off guard. With a little knowledge you may be able to prosper in the years to come while others are still looking around wondering what is going on.

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P.P.S. If you haven't heard this information before it is because the same people that own modern politics also own the very tightly controlled corporate media. Did they warn you about the housing crisis? How about the credit crunch? Why keep listening to the guys that get it wrong every single time? It's time to look somewhere else for answers, time to start listening to the people who have been shouting that the emperor has no clothes for years, time for an appeal to the lessons of history. Can we rise up and be what the future needs? Only Generation Z has the answer.

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